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All Eyelash extension adhesives cure (dry) in the presence of hydrogen.This hydrogen can be collected by the simplest contributor–water.

If you do not cure the lashes at the end of the lash extension appointment the client is more likely to have eye redness, sensitivities and the possible risk of an allergic reaction. When curing your adhesive, it provides the transition from a liquid to a solid. Yes, when brushing the extensions, it seems dry but that is only the outer layer, the inner layer of the adhesive still needs to cure. When the adhesive is properly cured, there is no need to tell your client to wait 24 hours before wetting their lashes.

Using a nano mister is a great way to soothe irritation, itchiness and redness from the fumes of adhesive and also hydrate your client’s skin and eyes.

*Solution not included. Only use distilled water or saline solution.

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  1. Courtney Tee

    I absolutely love my nano mister!! helps to cure the adhesive, and helps to sooth my clients after a lash treatment!! works so well and can’t live without

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