The best natural beauty eyebrow staining technique has become increasingly popular in beauty salons around the world! It goes back many years and is used to camouflage gaps in over-plucked eyebrows and create fuller, natural-look brows. Want Instagram-perfect brows? This is how it’s done!

the technique

Henna spa is not your average tinting procedure. The therapist will do a complete eyebrow redesign by measuring the perfect shape for the client according to the golden ratio. An eyebrow template will be created where after the tint mixture can be applied to create a solid or ombre colour effect. There are 7 different henna colours to choose from to ensure that the eyebrows blend in naturally. Since this is such a detailed procedure, the treatment can be priced between R200 – R300 depending on location. The Henna Spa will last approximately 1 week on the skin and up to 4 weeks on the eyebrow hairs.

course fee


including online training & full kit


including online training & mini kit


Upon completion of 3 successful case studies.

full kit

1 x Brow Shampoo
1 x Exfoliant Gel
1 x Anaesthetic
1 x Remover
1 x Cleanser
1 x Fixative Lock
1 x Regrowth Gel

1 x White Henna Spa Pencil

7 x Henna Spa Powders
• Caramel
• Cappuccino
• Truffle
• Lavazza
• Arabica
• Brownie
• Dark Chocolate

mini kit

1 x Brow Shampoo
1 x Exfoliant Gel
1 x Cleanser
1 x Fixative Lock

1 x White Henna Spa Pencil

3 x Henna Spa Powders
• Truffle
• Arabica
• Dark Chocolate


The cost per application will work out to roughly R15,00 excluding disposable products such as cotton pads, microbrushes, spongetip brushes etc.


The Henna Spa product kit is designed to perform approximately 200 full treatments. Cost per kit: (R3,000 ex vat). Based on a charging price of R250 per treatment, the projected profit on a full Henna Spa kit is R47, 000.


The recommended treatment price is between R250 – R350 depending on the area of the salon. This should include the shaping (tweezing/waxing) of the eyebrows.

course reviews

Thank you Lovella Online training for the Henna Spa Eyebrows it was PERFECT service, very detailed information. It was very easy to understand and very helpful, Loved every moment of this Course !!!


One of my favorite treatments to perform on my clients. Love the online course, informative and very user friendly. 10/10 for Lovella for always compiling a fully educated and equipped course.


I thoroughly enjoyed the On-line Training course. It was very easy to follow with a video showing the procedure. I look forward to doing my Spa Henna Models. Thank you Lovella for the Great Training.


henna spa benefits

7 different colours

Matching your client’s skin tone and hair colour is easy when using the Henna Spa colour chart.

staining power

Henna Spa stains the hair as well as the skin, camouflaging gaps in the eyebrows from over-plucking. It lasts much longer than conventional tints and will guide the client when using additional brow makeup.

no nasty ingredients

Henna Spa does not contain any lead or ammonia and does not require hydrogen peroxide.

complete brow redesign

Henna Spa will give your client a completely new eyebrow shape that compliments their facial features.

our accreditation

Our head Educator for Brow Lamination & Henna Spa Eyebrows has completed her Advanced training at Lash Art University in Kiev, Ukraine. This also means that your certification is internationally recognized!

All our products and techniques are of the highest standards which will result in the best treatment outcomes!

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