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Learn the art of Volume Eyelash Extensions to give your clients softer, fuller and more dramatic lash sets. By expanding your services, you will not only stand out from the crowd, but you will also be able to service clients who are wanting this specialized and advanced eyelash extension technique. With over 6 years of volume lash experience and being the first person in South Africa to be trained in the technique, this Volume lash course has become the heart of our brand.

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What are Volume Lashes?

Volume Lashes is an advanced eyelash extension technique where 2-6 extensions extensions are applied to one natural eyelash. Each ‘fan’ is hand-made and extremely light when compared to conventional classic extensions. This technique allows artists to create fuller, darker and more dramatic effects while respecting natural lash health.

Why our Course?

After having travelled to Ukraine to learn this advanced technique from the founder, Olga Volkova, we have teamed up with Lash Art University to bring the original hand-fan technique to our Lovella Academy. We were the very first to do and offer training in Volume Lashes in South Africa, and having the most advanced and up to date Volume Course is what sets us apart from the rest!


All eyelash extension training courses are conducted in such a way that students feel motivated and supported whilst learning new techniques. Our hand-picked team of Educators are highly skilled, experienced and passionate about the art of eyelash extensions – and are excited about sharing their wealth of knowledge.




Lovella Artistry is supported by five beautiful branches situated in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth & Bloemfontein. All branches are equipped to provide our high level of training throughout our different courses. Each Educator is hand-picked with the mission to inspire, educate and empower all our students – with the aim of helping female entrepreneurs achieve success in the industry whilst building a community of elite Lovella Pro Artists.

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The Volume Course

R6 000


Volume Product Kit (Valued at R2,800)
Signature Training Manual
Internationally Accredited Certification
One Day PracticalTraining
Salon Listing


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Thank you. I did enjoy the course since I was provided with the tools and info on how to map an eye and correct placement of the extensions. I have been on a Volume course previously and this was so much better and more informative so thank you to the Lovella lash team on your professionalism! Love the way I was taught to make fans by hand the results I now see on my clients are so much better.


The course was everything I expected and more! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was so impressed with Natalie, her patience, advice, and encouragement made this one of the most enjoyable experiences! I’ve often thought about doing lash training and knowing Natalie through Drama Beauty I am well acquainted with her work (also, I stalk her relentlessly on Instagram, she is my lashspiration!) and when I saw she was teaching, that was the deciding factor. Could not be happier with my choice! Thank you so much for an amazing experience, I feel ready to lash the world!


I’ve just completed the classic and volume lash course with Tania and Meryl and I can’t recommend it enough. The course was amazing and the products are beautiful. They’re both wonderful teachers and after this I feel excited and ready to lash lots of beautiful ladies! Thank you so much!




Understanding diameters
Safe weight practices
Volume Fan Theory – parts of a fan | spacing of a fan
Volume Fan perfection & rules
Our signature Hand-Fan Technique + Fan Practice


During training we put great focus on the importance of eyelash styling and students are encouraged to assess their client’s eye shape before custom creating a bespoke lash style and map for each individual client. Getting creative and experimenting with styling is the highlight of our classes!


Practice makes perfect & all students work on 1 live model during their Volume Lash Training. A Lovella Educator is present at all times to assist students with their application, ensuring that their models leave our academy looking and feeling beautiful!



We believe that certification is earned. All Lovella students must meet high standards in order to be certified. Students need to submit 3 successful case studies (for both Classic & Volume techniques) within 120 days, which will be assessed by the Lovella Academy on criteria such as isolation, adhesive control and safe application. After completing your 3rd successful case study – you will receive an internationally accredited certificate and will be ready to confidently accept clients.




Eyelash Extensions is a form of Art which requires absolute precision and perfection. We custom design a bespoke Lash Style for each client by using multiple lengths, curls and diameters; whilst never compromising the clients natural lash integrity.

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Do I need any qualifications or background to attend the Volume course?

Yes, you will need previous Eyelash Extension experience and certification through a professional training institute to attend the Volume Course.

When do I get my certificate?

Once you have successfully completed your 3 case studies (3 per course studied), Lovella will have your certificates printed and couriered to you.

Do I need to do your full course if I have been trained else where?

Yes! Even students who have been lashing for 5+ years are amazed by the amount of information that our course entails. Not only will you learn a ton of new things but we will also assist you in refining your technique and eliminating old bad habits.

Are your courses accredited?

Yes. Our courses are accredited by Lash Inc (UK) and Lash Art University (Ukraine).
Tania Schroeder, the Head of Lovella Education, it a SAAHSP Registered Affiliate member.

Can I come for Refresher Classes?

Refresher training is offered to all Lovella Students who are in the process of completing their case studies, or any active Lovella Artists who are requiring additional support. This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Do you use pre-made volume fans or cluster in your Volume Course?

Absolutely not! We pride ourselves on being the first company in South Africa to offer the original Volume Technique by creating each fan using the hand-fan technique.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Since the course includes immediate access to all our course material, Lovella will not refund any fees paid in the event of cancellations, no-shows or applicants who do not complete the course.

Do I need a license to offer lash services?

You do not need a license to offer lash services in South Africa as the Eyelash Extension Industry is unregulated. However, please note that regulations and by-laws around Eyelash Extensions do differ in each Country and licensing may or may not be required.  Lovella is not responsible for pre-screening and all due diligence is up to the individual purchasing courses to comply with that Countries regulations.

What is the difference between the Full and Deluxe kit and how many procedures can I do with each?

The full kit is designed for students who are wanting to add the service to their menu but are on a budget. You will still receive all the necessary products but will be limited in terms of the amount of product.
Procedures: 10 before the additional product will be required.

The deluxe kit is designed for students who are wanting all the must-have lash products and a good amount of stock.
Procedures: 40 before the additional product will be required.

Can I do the training without a kit / with my own products?

Unfortunately, not, we take product knowledge very seriously and each student will have their own kit to ensure that the highest standards in lash artistry are maintained.