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The Pro Styling Course is designed to help you assess and successfully style each individual client before starting with the procedure. Exceptional artists consider the client’s eye and face shape, whether any features need to be highlighted, disguised or balanced.



  • Shape of the eyes & Style Guide
  • Size of the eyes & Style Guide
  • Setting of the eyes & Style Guide & Mapping
  • Position of the eyes & Style Guide & Mapping
  • Eyelid Shape & Style Guide
  • Situation of the eyes & Style Guide & Mapping & Example Illustrations


Texture (also known as Feathering, Kim K, Spiked Sets or Layering), has become increasingly popular over the past few months. A lot of clients are wanting Volume lashes, but without the solid top-line look. This is where Texture comes in! By using this lash effect you can create the fullness of a volume set and combine it with the wispiness of a classic set – a match made in lash heaven!



How to create the perfect top line & mapping.



The direction and angle of your eyelash extensions are just as important as the length, curl and style you choose to use. In many eye shapes or situations, the angle plays the biggest role in actually achieving your end goal. Angles can be customized for each eye shape. We cover 4 different angles and when to use them.


Take your mapping skills to the next level with advanced mapping! This technique ensures perfect symmetry and will result in the most accurate styling.

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texture technique




styling is easy when you don’t know how,

but very difficult when you do


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