Elite – 10ml


The Elite adhesive is only recommended for Professional Eyelash Artists.

Drying Time: 1 Second
Retention: 5 – 6 Weeks
Viscosity: Very Thin
Humidity: Normal – Low (Not suitable for high humidity areas)
Colour: Black
Fumes: Low – Medium
Flexibility: None
Storage: Cool & dry area
Usage: Shake well for 30 seconds before starting application. Clean the tip after each drop and close tightly. Dispense a fresh drop every 30 minutes.


Eyelash extension adhesive is a very strong glue containing cyanoacrylate which cures when it comes into contact with water rather than air. Use a humidifier if the humidity is low, as you adhesive will cure very slowly.


Low Humidity : Less than 40% relative humidity
Ideal Humidity : 40 – 60% relative humidity
High Humidity : More than 60% relative Humidity

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