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Classic Eyelash Extensions is the oldest and most common application technique and is designed to create a natural, mascara-like effect. This technique is the foundation and introduction to eyelash extensions, where one extension is applied to one natural eyelash with the use of medical grade adhesive. Classic lashes can add length and curl, but there is little control over the fullness of the set.

Volume Eyelash Extensions is a relatively new and advanced technique of applying multiple ultra-fine extensions to one natural eyelash. This technique is designed to safely add more volume and fullness to a set, without compromising the natural lash health. Not only do you have control over the fullness of the set, but Volume lashes can also be used for clients with short or sparse natural lashes, who are not suitable candidates for Classic lashes.

classic technique

one extension to one natural lash

diameter used: 0.15

complete isolation of one natural lash

safe weight

natural look

one pick-up technique

harder feel compared to volume

volume technique

two-six extensions to one natural lash

diameter used: 0.10/0.07

complete isolation of one natural lash

safe weight

fuller/more dramatic look

multiple pick-up techniques

softer feel compared to classic

managing client expectations

Managing client expectations is the most important step when conducting your consultation process. You need to listen carefully to what your client is wanting, then determine whether or not you are able to meet her expectations. Assessing your clients natural lashes is the first step in knowing WHAT you are able to offer her in terms of length and volume.

Our client consultation sheet is a great way to demonstrate the different types of eyelash extension application techniques, lengths, curls and styles! They are available for download on our blog page.

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  • Lameze Reply

    Your page is informative and stunning I must say, i love the steps you take in explain what service you provide and what to expect.
    Truly happy to see that some places do deliver on quality service.

    August 19, 2019 at 8:11 pm

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