There are two things we know for sure about African lashes: they have a strong curl and can be a little tricky to lash at times – but the end result is always strikingly beautiful! In this blog we want to share some tips on lashing your African clients and ensuring that you create beautiful sets every single time!


Curly lashes tend to grow in multiple directions and can even curl all the way over touching the skin. We can all agree that this is the main reason why we feel uneasy and less confident during application. Due to the unruly natural lashes, it makes it almost impossible for any Lash Artist to easily attach an extension on top of the natural lash, as it will be in the way of your placement area. For this exact reason, we recommend you attach the extension from underneath or the side of each natural lash and angle it in your intended direction.


Classic sets are a no-no in this instance, as their subtlety will get lost in the darker complexion of your client (unless of course, your client has a ton of natural lashes). A Volume set will be the best choice for African ladies, as the dramatic look will contrast beautifully and show up clearly against their skin tone. Even if your client is not wanting a dramatic look, you could use a Textured Technique to make your set wispier.

When creating Volume sets, the ideal choice would be to use shorter lengths to compensate for the weight of bigger sized fans.
Eg. 7-11mm 0.07 5-6D


The last bit of advice is going to make or break your entire set if you make the incorrect choice. Choosing your curl wisely is absolutely essential to achieve that “wow” set on your African client. Nothing less than a CC or D curl will do. The stronger the curl, the more noticeable extensions are from the front-view. These curls are perfect because they open up the eye and again, creates that desired contrast.




When looking at the natural lashes you need to completely ignore their flaws in terms of direction and curl. Your one and only focus is to find 2-3mm of the base to attach your extension to. Your fans will always overlap and cover the unruly natural lashes.

From a frontal view, your bases might not all look perfectly angled due to application manipulation, however, the top line of the fans all blend perfectly to create density.

A visible correction can be seen from this angled view with the use of wide and fluffy fans. A bigger sized fan (5-6D) creates beautiful fullness to contract against darker skin tones.

This side view demonstrates how your extensions will cover even the most unruly natural lashes perfectly! All you have to focus on is your application on the base of the natural lash as well as your extension angle – and viola! What unruly lashes?


If you want an even closer look at how we attach a volume fan to an unruly lash, then watch the video demonstration of how this is done:

And there you have it! Three bits of Lovella advice to help you create the most incredible set on your next African client. Lash artistry is all about choosing the right styles and techniques to suit every individual, and what we’ve covered above will make all the difference!

We’ll just leave this African Lash Love inspiration right here!